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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7769 priests, types of in NT times
7769 priests, types of in NT times

7769 priests, types of in NT times

The NT points to the fulfilment of the OT priesthood in Jesus Christ, and develops the idea that all Christian believers can be seen as priests. It also records the continuing role of priests in the life of Israel and pagan nations at this time.

Pagan priests

Ac 14:13

Jewish priests

The chief priests Mt 16:21

The Sadducees Ac 5:17 The Sadducees were a conservative party composed entirely of priests who were influential in the Sanhedrin.

Zechariah Lk 1:5 See also 1Ch 24:10

Emissaries to John the Baptist Jn 1:19 Levites were closely associated with priests as temple personnel, perhaps mentioned here because of their teaching function. See also 2Ch 35:3; Ne 8:7-9; Lk 10:31-32

Jesus Christ as high priest

Heb 8:1-2 See also Heb 4:14-16

Christians as priests

Rev 1:5-6 See also 1Pe 2:5,9; Rev 5:10; Rev 20:6

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