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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7740 missionaries, call of
7740 missionaries, call of

7740 missionaries, call of

God calls and sends out his people into the world. All believers are called to share the good news of the gospel, though some are specially commissioned by God, confirmed by the church and compelled by the gospel message to missionary service.

The call to all God’s people

Ps 96:2-3 pp 1Ch 16:23-24 Mt 28:19 See also Mk 16:15; Jn 20:21; Ac 1:8

Missionaries in the OT

Those sent to their own people Isa 6:8-10 See also 2Pe 2:5 Noah; Jer 2:1-4 Jeremiah’s ministry extended further but was primarily to his own people, Judah; Eze 2:3 Ezekiel

Those sent to other peoples 2Ki 17:27-28 A priest from Samaria returns to teach the resettled population about the Lord. God’s servant is to bring salvation to the whole world: Isa 42:6; Isa 49:6; Ac 13:47
Am 7:15 Amos, from Judah, is sent to the northern kingdom of Israel. Jonah is sent to the city of Nineveh: Jnh 1:1-2; Jnh 3:1-2

Missionaries in the NT

John the Baptist Jn 1:6-7 See also Mal 4:5-6; Mt 11:10 pp Lk 7:27; Mk 1:2-4; Mal 3:1; Isa 40:3; Jn 1:33

Jesus Christ’s disciples Lk 9:1-6 Healing and deliverance accompanies preaching as part of the disciples’mission. See also Mt 10:5-16 During Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry the disciples’mission was limited to Israel; Mk 6:7-11; Lk 10:1

Other believers Ac 11:19-20 See also Ac 8:5 Philip; Ac 18:24 Apollos; Ac 26:15-18 Paul

Receiving the missionary call

The call given by God Jer 1:4-10 See also Mt 4:19 Peter and Andrew; Ac 8:26 Philip; Ac 22:21 Paul

The call confirmed by the church Ac 13:2-3 See also Ac 14:26-27; Ac 15:40; Ac 22:14-15 Paul’s call to be a missionary to the Gentiles is communicated through Ananias; Gal 2:7-9 Paul’s mission to the Gentiles is recognised by the other apostles.

The call through circumstances Ac 8:4 Persecution drove the early church to wider mission. See also Ge 45:4-5 Joseph sold into slavery in Egypt; Da 1:3-6 Daniel among those taken into exile in Babylon; Ac 18:1-2 Priscilla and Aquila left Rome because of persecution.

Missionaries compelled by the message Ac 4:18-20 See also 1Co 9:16; 2Co 5:14

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