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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7734 leaders, spiritual
7734 leaders, spiritual

7734 leaders, spiritual

Under the old covenant God called priests and prophets as spiritual leaders. Later the Pharisees gave spiritual leadership. After Jesus Christ had inaugurated the new covenant, authority was given to the apostles, who in turn appointed leaders in the churches they founded.

Priests as spiritual leaders

They were called by God Heb 5:4 See also Ex 28:1; Dt 18:5

The high priest represented the people in the presence of God Heb 5:1 See also Ex 28:29-30; Nu 27:21; Heb 8:3

Priests taught and explained God’s law Mal 2:7 See also Lev 10:11; Hag 2:11-13

Examples of priests as spiritual leaders 1Sa 4:18 The priest Eli was described as leading Israel; 1Sa 7:5-9 Samuel acted as priest on behalf of the people; 2Ch 24:14 Jehoiada the priest influenced Joash to serve God.

Prophets as spiritual leaders

They were called by God 2Pe 1:21 See also Isa 6:8-9; Jer 1:5

Examples of prophets as spiritual leaders Samuel led the people from idolatry back to the worship of God: 1Sa 7:3-4; 1Sa 12:20-24
1Ki 18:18-21 Elijah; Hag 1:7-9 Haggai

Spiritual leaders in NT times

Mt 2:4 officially recognised teachers of the law; Mt 16:1; Mt 21:23 At a local level, elders had social and religious authority in local councils. Nationally, they were included in the Sanhedrin; Mt 23:2; Mt 26:59

The failure of spiritual leaders

In the OT Isa 28:7; Jer 23:11,13-17,25-32; Mal 2:1-2

In the NT Mt 23:4-15; Mk 10:42-45 Jesus Christ taught his disciples the qualities required for spiritual leadership.

Spiritual leadership in the church

The apostles delegated authority Ac 4:34-35; Ac 6:2-3; Ac 14:23; Tit 1:5

The qualifications for church leadership 1Ti 3:1-9; Tit 1:6-9

Advice to leaders Ac 20:28 See also Ac 20:31,35; 1Ti 5:17-20; 1Pe 5:2-3

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