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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7719 elders, as community leaders
7719 elders, as community leaders

7719 elders, as community leaders

Since older men act as responsible leaders in many communities, “elder” is used as the title for a recognised leader.

Elders in early Israel

Elders represented their people Ex 19:7 See also Ex 3:16; Ex 4:29; Ex 12:21-28; Ex 24:1

Elders assisted Moses Nu 11:16-17 See also Ex 18:21-26; Nu 11:24-25

Elders met in a national assembly Jos 23:2; Jos 24:1; Jdg 21:16

Elders functioned as judges, sometimes in the town gate Dt 19:11-12; Jdg 8:14; Ru 4:1-12

Elders during the period of the monarchy

Tribal and town elders 1Sa 30:26-31; 2Ki 10:5; 2Ki 23:1; Jer 19:1

Elders were local representatives at national functions 1Ki 8:1

Elders advised the king 1Ki 12:6-8

Elders functioned as judges at the town gate Pr 31:23 See also 1Ki 21:8-14

Elders in Israel during and after the exile

Ezr 10:8,14; Eze 8:1; Eze 14:1; Eze 20:1-3

Elders in NT Jewish society

Elders were local town and synagogue leaders Mk 5:22; Lk 7:1-5

Elders were members of the Sanhedrin Mk 15:1 See also Mt 5:22

Elders were guardians of religious traditions Mt 15:1-2 pp Mk 7:5 See also Mk 7:3

The elders’rejection of Jesus Christ predicted by him Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22

The involvement of the elders in the trial and condemnation of Jesus Christ Mt 27:1 pp Mk 15:1

The elders’involvement with the first Christians See also Ac 4:5,8,23; Ac 5:21; Ac 6:12; Ac 23:14; Ac 25:15

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