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7703 apologetics

7703 apologetics

The art of explaining the faith in such a way as to make a reasoned defence against its detractors. Paul’s Areopagus sermon is a classic example of biblical apologetics, which can be of value to all who are called upon to defend the faith today.

Paul’s Areopagus sermon, a classic example of biblical apologetics

Paul speaks to his listeners on their own ground, starting on their own terms Ac 17:22-23

Paul presents the Christian position Ac 17:24-27

Paul supports his argument in a culturally appropriate way Ac 17:28 Paul quotes from two secular writers, first from the Cretan poet Epimenides, and secondly from the Cilician poet Aratus.

Paul concludes his argument and calls for a response Ac 17:29-31

Apologetics as a regular feature of Paul’s ministry

Ac 18:4 See also Ac 9:26-30; Ac 18:19; Ac 19:8-10; Ac 28:17-31

Apologetics is part of the work of church leaders

Tit 1:9

All Christians share responsibility for the task of apologetics

1Pe 3:15

Other examples of Christians engaging in apologetics

Ac 18:28 See also Ac 2:14-41; Ac 6:8-10

Apologetics alone is an inadequate way of presenting the gospel

1Co 1:17-25 See also 1Co 2:1-5

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