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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7632 Twelve, diverse characters of
7632 Twelve, diverse characters of

7632 Twelve, diverse characters of

The Twelve were men of varied background, gifts and character.

The varied backgrounds of the Twelve

Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen: Mt 4:18,21
Mt 9:9 Matthew was a tax collector; Mt 10:4 Simon was a political activist.

The varied roles of the Twelve

Some took a prominent role in the group Gal 2:9

Some played minor but significant roles See also Jn 1:40-42 Andrew brought Peter to Jesus Christ; Jn 1:45-46 Philip brought Nathanael; Jn 12:20-22 Philip and Andrew brought the Greeks to Jesus Christ.

The varied temperaments of the Twelve

Mt 14:28 Peter was impetuous; Lk 9:54 James and John were fiery; Lk 22:4 Judas Iscariot was a traitorous loner; Jn 20:25 Thomas was cautious.

The Twelve had a common call to discipleship and witness

Ac 1:21-22

The fallibility of the Twelve

Mk 8:31-33 Peter misunderstood; Mk 16:14 Jesus Christ rebuked the Eleven for not believing reports of his resurrection; Lk 9:12-13 Jesus Christ tested their reaction to human need; Jn 14:8-9 Philip asked the way to the Father.

Jesus Christ gave the Twelve special teaching

Mk 4:10-11 about his parables; Mk 9:35 about power and position; Lk 18:31 about his destiny

Jesus Christ spent his last days and hours with the Twelve

Mk 11:11 after the triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Mk 14:17 at the Last Supper

The Twelve failed Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s concern that they would leave him Jn 6:67-70

Judas betrayed him Mt 26:14-16 pp Mk 14:10 pp Lk 22:3-4

They failed to support him in his final agony of prayer Mt 26:40-41 pp Mk 14:37-38 pp Lk 22:45-46

Peter disowned Jesus Christ Mt 26:74-75 pp Mk 14:71-72 pp Lk 22:60-61

All abandoned Jesus Christ Mt 26:56 the exception was “the disciple whom Jesus loved”, present at the crucifixion (Jn 19:25-27)

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