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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7610 Council of Jerusalem
7610 Council of Jerusalem

7610 Council of Jerusalem

The Council of Jerusalem was possibly the first “assembly” of the Christian church, held c. A.D. 49

The Council met to consider whether circumcision was necessary for salvation Ac 15:1 See also Ro 4:9; Gal 5:2-3

Paul and Barnabas came from Antioch to Jerusalem to meet with the apostles and elders Ac 15:2-12

The Council agreed not to make it difficult for Gentiles who turned to God Ac 15:19-21 The Council was concerned to avoid forcing Gentiles to adopt Jewish customs (such as circumcision), and at the same time to require Gentiles to behave considerately towards their “weaker brothers” of Jewish birth, not all of whom could be expected to acquire immediately the emancipated outlook on food-laws and the like that Peter and Paul had.

James showed how the decision had confirmed an earlier prophecy See also Ac 15:15-18; Am 9:11-12

The written judgment was taken to the Gentile believers by Paul, Barnabas, Silas and Judas Ac 15:23-29; Ac 16:4

The Council’s judgment proved to be a great encouragement to the Gentile believers Ac 15:30-31; Ac 16:5

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