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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7555 Sadducees
7555 Sadducees

7555 Sadducees

An influential Jewish party that denied the existence of the spirit world and the possibility of resurrection. Its members are portrayed as opposing Jesus Christ and the first Christians.

Many priests were Sadducees

Ac 5:17

Sadducees rejected the concepts of resurrection and spirit world

Ac 23:8

Sadducees questioned Jesus Christ about the resurrection

Mt 22:23-32 pp Mk 12:18-27 pp Lk 20:27-38

Sadducees denounced by John the Baptist

Mt 3:7-10

Sadducees denounced by Jesus Christ

Mt 16:6-12 See also Mt 21:28-45 The chief priests were probably Sadducees (see Ac 5:17).

The Sadducees oppose the first Christians

Ac 4:1-3 See also Ac 5:17-18

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