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7545 outsiders

7545 outsiders

Israel recognised two general categories of outsiders: those who lived outside Israel, usually referred to as “the nations” or “the Gentiles”, and foreigners resident within Israel’s boundaries. The latter, usually referred to as “aliens”, were given considerable privileges under the covenant between God and Israel.

Israel’s attitude to the Gentiles as outsiders

The nations as outsiders Lev 20:26; Ne 1:8; Ps 2:1; Ps 46:10; Ps 106:35; Hos 7:8; Joel 2:17

The conversion of the Gentiles foretold Isa 60:3 See also Ge 22:18; Ps 22:27; Isa 9:2; Hos 2:23

Israel’s mission to the Gentiles was fulfilled in Jesus Christ Ac 13:47 See also Isa 49:6; Lk 2:32; Ac 28:28; Ro 11:11; Eph 3:6

Jesus Christ calls both Jew and Gentile Jn 10:16 See also Ac 13:47-48; Ro 9:24-26; 1Co 1:24; 2Ti 4:17

Israel’s attitude to aliens as outsiders

Aliens are to be treated as members of the people of God Ex 23:9 See also Dt 29:9-15; Dt 31:12; Jos 8:33-35

Aliens are protected by God Ps 146:9

Aliens must not be oppressed Jer 22:3 See also Jer 7:2-7; Eze 22:29; Zec 7:9-10

Aliens may share in Israel’s worship Ex 12:17-20,43-49; Lev 22:17-19; Dt 16:13-15

The Samaritans as outsiders in Israel in NT times

Jn 4:9 By including Samaritans in his ministry, Jesus Christ demonstrated his concern for those who were treated as outsiders by society. See also Lk 10:33; Lk 17:16; Jn 4:7

Christians are compared to aliens in the world

1Pe 2:11

The witness of believers to outsiders

Col 4:5 See also Mk 4:11; 1Co 5:12-13; 1Th 4:11-12; 1Ti 3:7

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