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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7525 exclusiveness
7525 exclusiveness

7525 exclusiveness

The keeping of a distinctive group identity by drawing clear boundary lines, to separate those within the group from outsiders with whom they are unwilling to associate.

The practice of exclusiveness by God’s people, grounded in God’s claim to exclusive worship

Ex 20:3 pp Dt 5:7 See also Ex 34:14; Dt 6:14-15; 2Ki 17:35-39; Isa 42:8

Exclusiveness in Israel, a practical expression of being a people set apart

An expression of being set apart for God Lev 20:26 See also Lev 15:31; Lev 20:23-24; Dt 7:1-6

An expression of being set apart from others Nu 23:9 See also Jos 23:7; Ezr 6:21; Ne 13:1-3; Eze 44:9

The practice of exclusiveness

Expressed in the avoidance of marrying outsiders Ne 10:30 See also Dt 7:3-4; Ezr 9:1-4; Ezr 10:9-17; Ne 13:23-27

Expressed in a refusal to eat with outsiders Mt 9:10-11 pp Mk 2:15-16 pp Lk 5:29-30 See also Lk 15:1-2; Gal 2:12

The marks of Jewish exclusiveness

Circumcision Ge 17:9-14 See also Ex 12:48; Lev 12:3; Ac 7:8

Festival observance Ex 12:14-16 See also Ex 12:17-20; Lev 23:26-29; Nu 9:13

Observance of food laws Lev 3:17 See also Lev 7:22-27; Lev 11:1-47; Lev 17:10-14; Ac 15:29 While food restrictions were not a requirement of the gospel, Gentile believers are here asked to respect the scruples of Jewish Christians in those areas that were traditionally important to them.

Sexual relations restricted Lev 18:6 See also Lev 18:7-30; Lev 20:10-21; Dt 27:20-23

Effects of Jewish exclusiveness

Division between Jews and Samaritans Jn 4:9 See also Ezr 4:1-3; Mt 10:5-6 Jesus Christ was here dealing with his priority for that time; Lk 9:51-53

Division between Jews and Gentiles Ac 10:28 See also Mt 10:5; Mt 15:21-28 pp Mk 7:24-30 Jesus Christ restricted his earthly ministry in general to the people of Israel, but instigated a mission to the Gentiles after his resurrection; Jn 18:28

The problem of Jewish exclusiveness among the first Christians

The negative evaluation of Gentiles Ac 11:1-18 See also Gal 2:11-13,15

The requirement that Gentile believers be circumcised Ac 15:1 See also Ac 15:5; Gal 5:2-6; Gal 6:12; Tit 1:10

Jewish exclusiveness overturned

By God giving his Spirit to the uncircumcised Gentiles Ac 15:8 See also Ac 10:44-11:18; 1Co 12:13; Gal 3:2-5

By the argument of justification by faith Gal 2:15-16 See also Ac 15:9-11; Ro 3:28-30; Ro 4:9-12

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