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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7511 Gentiles, in OT
7511 Gentiles, in OT

7511 Gentiles, in OT

Under the OT, Gentiles were generally excluded from the worship of the synagogue and from all the privileges of being Jewish. However, the OT made provision for non-Jews who believed in the God of Israel.

Believing foreigners were permitted to participate in worship

Ex 12:48-49 See also Nu 9:14; Nu 15:13-16; 1Ki 8:41-43; Isa 56:6-8

Foreigners living in Israel were to be treated kindly

Ex 23:9 See also Ex 22:21; Lev 19:9-10; Lev 24:22; Dt 26:12-15; Dt 27:19

Divine promises concerning the Gentiles

All people will be blessed through Abraham Ge 12:3 See also Ge 18:18; Ge 22:18; Gal 3:8-9

All nations will bow before God Ps 22:27-28 See also Ps 86:9; Da 7:14; Am 9:11-12

The Gentiles will be enlightened Isa 49:6 See also Isa 9:1-2; Isa 42:6; Isa 60:1-3; Lk 2:30-32

The Messiah will bring justice to the Gentiles Mt 12:18-21 See also Isa 42:1-4

Gentiles will become God’s people Ro 9:22-25 See also Hos 2:23; 1Pe 2:10

Gentiles will praise God Ro 15:9-12 See also Dt 32:43; 2Sa 22:50; Ps 18:49; Isa 11:10

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