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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7480 wave offering
7480 wave offering

7480 wave offering

A gift specially dedicated to God. The term itself may not be intended to convey a particular action.

The wave offering was part of every fellowship offering

Lev 7:34 Although given to the priests, the offering belonged to the Lord. See also Lev 7:28-32; Lev 9:21

The wave offering was eaten by the priests

Ex 29:26-28; Lev 10:15; Nu 18:11,18

Occasions for making a wave offering

As a cereal offering when priests were consecrated Ex 29:23-24; Lev 8:27-29

As a guilt offering sacrificed at a ceremonial cleansing Lev 14:12,21,24

As part of the ritual when a woman was accused of adultery Nu 5:25

When celebrating harvest Lev 23:10-11 the firstfruits of the harvest At the Feast of Weeks: Lev 23:15-17,20

When presenting a gift to God Materials given for constructing the tabernacle: Ex 35:22; Ex 38:24,29

When dedicating the Levites to God Nu 8:11 The dedication to God of the Levites symbolised the consecration of the whole nation. See also Nu 8:13,15,21

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