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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7478 washing
7478 washing

7478 washing

The physical or ritual cleansing of part or all of a person’s body, a person’s clothing or certain vessels. Washing can be symbolic of purification from defilement or cleansing from sin. It can also be part of preparation for a special act of religious service.

Washing as the cleansing of the body, clothing or certain vessels

Ex 30:17-21; Lev 13:53-54 See also Ex 40:30-32; Lev 6:27; Lev 14:8-9; Lev 15:2-13; Lev 16:24,26-28; Nu 31:24; 2Ch 4:6 pp 1Ki 7:38; Jn 2:6

Jesus Christ taught that inner purity was more important than ritual washing

Mt 15:17-20 pp Mk 7:20-23 See also Mk 7:1-9 pp Mt 15:1-3; Mk 7:14-15 pp Mt 15:10-11; Lk 11:37-41

Washing as a symbolic act

Of purification from defilement Lev 11:24-25 See also Lev 11:28,40; Lev 13:6,34; Lev 15:4-8; Lev 17:15-16; Dt 23:10-11; 2Ki 5:10

Of cleansing from sin 1Co 6:9-11; Eph 5:25-27 See also Ps 51:2,7; Isa 1:16; Isa 4:4; Jer 4:14; Ac 22:16; Tit 3:5; Heb 10:22; Jas 4:8; Rev 7:14; Rev 22:14

Of personal cleansing before a special act of religious service Lev 16:24 See also Ex 19:10-11; Ex 29:4; Ex 40:12-13,30-32; Lev 8:6; Nu 8:6-7,21

Washing one’s hands was used as a symbolic declaration of innocence Dt 21:6-7 See also Ps 26:6; Ps 73:13; Mt 27:24

See also

7340clean and unclean
7426ritual washing

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