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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7476 thank-offering
7476 thank-offering

7476 thank-offering

Together with vows and freewill offerings this was one of the three kinds of fellowship offering.

Presenting a thank-offering

An animal sacrifice Lev 7:15 See also Lev 22:29

Accompanied by bread, wafers and cakes Lev 7:12-13 Cakes made with yeast can be offered, since these are not to be burned on the altar.

The priest shares the meal Lev 7:14; Lev 22:29-30

The occasions for presenting thank-offerings

For deliverance from distress, death or sickness Ps 50:23; Ps 107:21-22 See also Ps 56:12-13 deliverance from death; Ps 116:17 Deliverance from sickness; the earlier verses show the psalmist has been ill.

Following a vow Ps 7:17 A vow to praise God in anticipation of an answer to prayer. See also Ps 66:13-14

At times of religious renewal 2Ch 29:31 Hezekiah’s reformation; 2Ch 33:15-16 Manasseh’s repentance Thank-offerings mark the time of renewal Jeremiah longs for: Jer 17:26; Jer 33:11

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