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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7474 Tent of Meeting
7474 Tent of Meeting

7474 Tent of Meeting

A tent pitched by Moses outside the Israelite camp in the wilderness. There Moses met with God and others would enquire of the Lord. God’s presence was shown there by a pillar of cloud. It seems to predate the construction and setting up of the tabernacle, after which, the term became synonymous with the tabernacle.

Moses pitched the Tent of Meeting outside the Israelite camp

Ex 33:7 The tent was outside the camp because of the Lord’s estrangement from his people (Ex 33:3) following their making the golden calf. It was possibly a temporary structure used until the tabernacle was completed.

The Tent of Meeting was where the faithful met with God

Moses See also Ex 33:9,11

Those who wished to enquire of the Lord Ex 33:7

Joshua Ex 33:11

The pillar of cloud at the Tent of Meeting

It indicated God’s presence Ex 33:9

Those who saw the cloud worshipped the Lord Ex 33:10

The Tent of Meeting and the tabernacle

This Tent of Meeting may be distinct from the tabernacle Ex 25:8-9

The tabernacle was constructed (in accordance with detailed instructions) after the Tent of Meeting See also Ex 35:10-11; Ex 39:32-43

The tabernacle was set up after the Tent of Meeting Ex 40:1-2,33

The Tent of Meeting as a synonym for the tabernacle

Ex 40:2 Afterwards “Tent of Meeting” became a synonym for the tabernacle, especially the tent part of the whole complex. See also Ex 40:6-7,22,24,29-30,34-35; Lev 1:1; Lev 24:3; Nu 1:1; Nu 31:54; Dt 31:14-15; Jos 18:1; Jos 19:51; 1Sa 2:22; 1Ki 8:4 pp 2Ch 5:5; 1Ch 6:32; 1Ch 9:21; 2Ch 1:3

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