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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7467 temple, Solomon’s
7467 temple, Solomon’s

7467 temple, Solomon’s

From the exodus until the reign of Solomon, the tabernacle located in various places served as Israel’s “temple” and the ordained place of sacrifice. Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalem.

Centres for worship and sacrifice before the temple was built

Jos 18:1; 1Sa 7:2

David’s preparations for the building and worship in the first temple

The plan for its construction 2Sa 7:12-13; 1Ch 17:1 pp 2Sa 7:1; 1Ch 28:11-12,19

The gifts for its construction 1Ch 29:2-3,6

Arrangements for the temple worship 1Ch 23:3-5

Solomon’s construction of the temple

1Ki 5:1-13; 1Ki 6:7; 2Ch 2:17-18

The completion of the temple and its furnishings

2Ch 2:5 Although it followed the basic pattern of the tabernacle, Solomon intended the temple to reflect God’s greatness. See also 1Ki 6:20-22 pp 2Ch 3:4-9 The inner walls were overlaid with gold; 1Ki 6:27 pp 2Ch 3:11-12 The wings of the cherubim reached from wall to wall; 1Ki 6:38 Not one laver but a huge reservoir and a number of bronze basins: 1Ki 7:23 pp 2Ch 4:2; 1Ki 7:26-27 pp 2Ch 4:5; 1Ki 7:30
1Ki 7:49 not one golden lampstand but ten; 2Ch 4:8 not one table for the bread of the Presence but ten

The dedication of the temple

At the Feast of Tabernacles 1Ki 8:2 pp 2Ch 5:3

The glory of the Lord filled the temple 1Ki 8:6 pp 2Ch 5:7; 1Ki 8:10-11; 2Ch 5:11,13-14

The offering of sacrifices 1Ki 8:62-63 pp 2Ch 7:5

Solomon’s prayer 1Ki 8:27 pp 2Ch 6:18

The temple after the division of the kingdom

See also 1Ki 12:26-30; 2Ch 13:4-12

Later kings of Judah used the temple treasures for political purposes

1Ki 15:18-19 pp 2Ch 16:2-3 Asa took silver and gold to persuade the king of Aram to be his ally against Israel; 2Ki 12:17-18 Joash sent money and treasures to prevent the king of Aram attacking Jerusalem; 2Ki 16:7-8 pp 2Ch 28:21 Ahaz used gold and silver to gain the support of the king of Assyria against his enemies; 2Ki 18:14-15 Hezekiah used temple silver to placate the king of Assyria.

Foreign kings pillaged the temple

1Ki 14:25-26 pp 2Ch 12:9 Shishak king of Egypt; 2Ki 24:13; 2Ch 36:18 Nebuchadnezzar

Under certain kings the temple was cleansed and repaired

Joash: 2Ki 12:4-5 pp 2Ch 24:5; 2Ch 24:13-14
2Ki 15:35 pp 2Ch 27:3 Jotham Hezekiah: 2Ch 29:3-5,15-16,18-19,25
2Ki 22:3-7 pp 2Ch 34:8-11 Josiah

The destruction of the temple by the Babylonians

2Ki 25:13-15 pp Jer 52:17-19; 2Ch 36:18

The temple and the ministry of the prophets

Isaiah received his call in the temple Isa 6:1-8

Ezekiel had a vision of the glory of God departing Eze 10:18-19

Micah’s prophecy concerning the temple’s fate Jer 26:18; Mic 3:12

Jeremiah’s ministry was closely linked to the temple Jer 7:2,4,14; Jer 19:14

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