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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7464 teachers of the law
7464 teachers of the law

7464 teachers of the law

Those professionally trained to develop, teach and apply the OT law. In the application of the law the oral teaching of these people often assumed greater authority than the written law. Thus, by the time of the NT, the teachers of the law were in conflict with Jesus Christ and the apostles, who taught with authority and condemned the outward religious acts that the teachers had fostered.

Teachers of the law mentioned by name

Ezra Ezr 7:1-21; Ne 8:1-18 Teachers of the law arose after the exile from amongst the earlier scribes whose duties were more strictly secretarial.

Nicodemus Jn 3:10

Gamaliel Ac 5:34 Teachers of the law belonged mainly to the Pharisees but as a body were distinct from them.

Teachers of the law in conflict with Jesus Christ

Concerning righteousness Mt 5:20

Concerning Jesus Christ’s authority Mt 9:2-8 pp Mk 2:5-12 pp Lk 5:20-26 See also Mk 3:22-27; Mk 11:27-33 pp Lk 20:1-8

Concerning the seeking of signs Mt 12:38-39

Concerning hypocrisy Mt 23:2-33 pp Mk 12:38-40 pp Lk 13:34-35 pp Lk 20:46 See also Mt 15:1-8 pp Mk 7:1-8; Isa 29:13

Concerning the children’s praise Mt 21:15-16 See also Ps 8:2

Concerning Jesus Christ’s mixing with sinners Mk 2:16-17 pp Lk 5:30-32 See also Lk 15:1-7

Concerning Jesus Christ’s identity Mk 12:35-37 See also Ps 110:1

Concerning the Sabbath Lk 6:7-11

The teachers of the law sought to get rid of Jesus Christ

By falsely accusing him Lk 23:10 See also Mt 26:57-60 pp Mk 14:53-56 The teachers of the law were entrusted with the administration of the law as judges in the Sanhedrin; Jn 8:3-6

By looking for ways to arrest and kill him Mk 11:18 pp Lk 19:47 See also Mk 14:1 pp Lk 22:2; Mk 14:43; Lk 20:19 pp Mk 12:12

By sending him to be tried before Pilate Mk 15:1 See also Lk 22:66-23:1

The teachers of the law, with others, mocked Christ crucified

Mt 27:41-42 pp Mk 15:31-32

Jesus Christ foretold the opposition of the teachers of the law

Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 20:18-19 pp Mk 10:33-34

Teachers of the law in conflict with the apostles

Ac 4:5-7; Ac 6:12

Teachers of the law in a non-confrontational setting

Mt 2:4; Mt 8:19-20; Mt 13:52; Lk 20:39; 1Ti 1:7 See also Mt 7:28-29; Mt 17:10 pp Mk 9:11; Mk 1:22; Ac 23:9

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