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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7460 tabernacle, in NT
7460 tabernacle, in NT

7460 tabernacle, in NT

The NT sees the tabernacle and its ceremonies as symbolising the saving work of Jesus Christ in his incarnation and death and in the experience of believers.

Jesus Christ as the tabernacle where God dwells

Jn 1:14; Jn 2:19-21

The tabernacle showed that God was not limited to one place

See also Ac 7:44-47

The spiritual significance of the tabernacle

Heb 9:1-5

The earthly tabernacle as a copy of the heavenly one

Heb 8:5 See also Heb 8:1-2

The altar Rev 6:9-10; Rev 8:3-5

The ark of the covenant Rev 11:19

The atonement cover Ex 25:22; Heb 4:16

The curtain preventing access to the holiest place Mt 27:51; Heb 6:19-20; Heb 9:8; Heb 10:19-20

Jesus Christ as high priest

Cleansing the earthly tabernacle Heb 9:21 See also Heb 9:6-8 on the Day of Atonement; Heb 9:25

Through the blood of the cross, Jesus Christ enters the heavenly sanctuary Heb 9:24 See also Heb 9:28

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