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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7459 tabernacle, in OT
7459 tabernacle, in OT

7459 tabernacle, in OT

A prefabricated portable structure that was used for worship from the wilderness period until Solomon built the Jerusalem temple.

The tabernacle was the place of God’s presence

Ex 33:9-10 See also Ex 25:8; Ex 40:34-35

The construction of the tabernacle

It was built at God’s command Ex 25:9 See also Ex 25:40; Ex 39:32,43

The materials used in its construction Ex 25:3-7 Many of these materials were available in the desert. Others, such as gold, would have been obtained from the Egyptians (Ex 12:35-36); Ex 35:21-24

The plan for its construction Ex 26:1,7,14-15,26

The skilled labour employed in its construction Ex 31:1-6 pp Ex 35:30-35 See also Ex 35:10,26; Ex 36:1-2

The tabernacle courtyard and its contents

Its dimensions and construction Ex 27:9,12,18

The altar of burnt offering Ex 27:1

The laver Ex 30:17-18

The tabernacle’s Holy Place and its contents

Its construction Ex 26:36-37

The incense altar Ex 30:1,5

The lampstand Ex 25:31

The golden table for the bread of the Presence Ex 25:23,30; Ex 26:35

The tabernacle’s Most Holy Place and its contents

It was separated from the Holy Place by a curtain Ex 26:31-33 It was designed as a perfect cube with sides of 10 cubits (4.5 metres).

It contained the ark of the covenant Ex 26:33-34

The Levites were responsible for the tabernacle

Nu 1:50-51

The non-religious functions of the tabernacle

As a reference point for locating the different tribes in camp Nu 2:1-2 Symbolising that God was central to the life of the nation.

The movement of the cloud of glory showed when it was time to make or break camp See also Ex 40:36-38

Places where the tabernacle was sited

The tabernacle was dedicated at Sinai: Ex 40:1-2,9-11 Shiloh: Jos 18:1; 1Sa 1:3; Ps 78:60
1Sa 21:1 Nob; 1Ch 16:39 Gibeon; 2Ch 5:2-6 Jerusalem

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