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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7456 synagogue
7456 synagogue

7456 synagogue

A word meaning literally “a gathering together”. In the NT it sometimes refers to a group of Jews meeting for worship but most often to the building in which they met.

Synagogue worship may have begun during the exile

Eze 14:1 Unable to sacrifice in the temple, the community met together with spiritual leaders. See also Eze 20:1

A synagogue might be established anywhere

Mk 1:21 See also Ac 6:9 in Jerusalem Where there were too few male Jews for a synagogue there would sometimes be a place of prayer: Ac 16:12-13,16
Ac 17:1,10; Ac 18:19

The role of the synagogue

It was a focus for prayer and the reading of Scripture Ac 13:15 See also Ne 8:2-8; Ne 9:3; Lk 4:15-33

It was a centre for community affairs Mt 10:17; Mk 13:9; Lk 12:11

Exclusion from the synagogue was used as a punishment Jn 9:22; Jn 12:42

The leading of synagogue worship

It was the responsibility of the synagogue ruler Mk 5:22; Ac 18:8

Qualified laymen were allowed to teach Lk 4:16 See also Ac 13:15

Attendance at the synagogue

It was the practice of Jesus Christ Mt 9:35 See also Mk 6:2; Lk 4:16; Jn 6:59

It was the practice of Paul and other Jewish Christians Ac 9:19-20 See also Ac 14:1-2; Ac 17:2; Ac 19:8

The first Christians continued to worship in the synagogues Lk 24:53; Ac 19:8-9

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