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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7454 sprinkling
7454 sprinkling

7454 sprinkling

In the OT, the blood of a sacrificial animal was sprinkled against the altar as a sign of atonement or consecration to the Lord. The NT uses the same image to refer to the gaining of forgiveness through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

Sprinkling of an animal’s blood as a sign of atonement

On the altar Lev 7:2 See also Ex 24:6; Lev 1:5,11; Lev 3:2,8,13; Lev 5:9; Lev 9:12,18; Lev 17:6; Nu 18:17; 2Ki 16:13,15; 2Ch 29:22-24; 2Ch 30:16; 2Ch 35:11; Eze 43:18,20; Heb 9:21

In front of the inner curtain in the tabernacle Lev 4:6 See also Lev 4:17

Towards the front of the Tent of Meeting Nu 19:4

On the front of the atonement cover Lev 16:14-16

On the door-frames of the houses where the Passover lamb was eaten Ex 12:7 See also Ex 12:22; Heb 11:28

Sprinkling of blood as a sign of consecration

The consecration of people Ex 24:8 See also Ex 29:20-21; Lev 8:23; Heb 9:19

The consecration of the altar Lev 16:18-19

Sprinkling of oil as a sign of consecration

Lev 8:11 See also Lev 8:30; Lev 14:15-16,27

Sprinkling (usually with water) as a sign of cleansing

Nu 8:7; Eze 36:25 See also Lev 14:7,51; Nu 19:13,18-21; Isa 52:15; Heb 9:13

Sprinkling as an image of forgiveness in Christ

1Pe 1:2 See also Heb 9:11-14,18-28; Heb 10:22; Heb 12:24

Sprinkling of dust as a visible sign of mourning

Jos 7:6 See also Job 2:12; La 2:10; Eze 27:30

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