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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7447 slavery, in OT
7447 slavery, in OT

7447 slavery, in OT

Slavery in the OT occurs when someone either voluntarily or forcibly becomes completely subject to another person’s control.

Reasons for slavery

War Dt 20:10-11 See also Ge 14:21; Nu 31:9; 2Ki 5:2; 2Ch 28:8

Purchase Lev 25:44-45 See also Ge 37:23-28

Debt 2Ki 4:1 See also Ex 22:2-3; Lev 25:39,47-48; Dt 15:12; Ne 5:1-5

Birth Ex 21:4 See also Ge 17:12-13; Ecc 2:7; Jer 2:14

Conscription of foreigners as forced labour 2Sa 12:29-31 See also Ex 1:11-14; Jos 9:22-23; Jos 16:10; Jdg 1:28; 1Ki 9:20-21

Rights of slaves

Rights of protection against physical and sexual abuse Lev 25:43 See also Ex 21:7-11,20-21,26-27

Rights to participate in religious feasts and festivals Ex 23:12 See also Ex 20:9-10; Dt 12:11-12

Rights to inherit property Ge 15:3

Rights of asylum Dt 23:15

The release of slaves

Release in the Year of Jubilee Lev 25:54-55 See also Lev 25:39-41

Release after six years of service Ex 21:2 See also Ex 21:3-6; Dt 15:12-18; Jer 34:8-20 The six-year principle was being abused in the time of Jeremiah.

Release through redemption by a near relative Lev 25:47-53

The status of slaves

Slaves as property Lev 25:46 See also Ex 21:32; Lev 25:39-42 Fellow Israelites were not to be regarded as property.

Slaves as trusted advisors 1Sa 9:5-10

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