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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7422 ritual
7422 ritual

7422 ritual

The regulations governing Jewish religious life and worship, especially sacrifices, ritual cleanliness and food laws. By the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ these rituals have been fulfilled and play no part in the new covenant.

The purpose of ritual sacrifices

To atone for sin Lev 5:12-13 See also Ex 29:38-43; Lev 1:3-13; Lev 4:1-3,13-14,20-23,26-28,31-35; Lev 5:13; Lev 6:1-7; Lev 7:1-7; Lev 16:1-34

To maintain fellowship between God and his people Lev 3:1-5; Lev 7:11-15 The offering was part burnt and part eaten in a fellowship meal and expressed covenant relationship with God.

To express worship and gratitude to God The grain offering was the only bloodless offering but it accompanied the other offerings and was burnt whole to express gratitude to God for the harvest and for particular blessings: Lev 2:1-3,8-16; Lev 6:14-23; Lev 7:9-10; Lev 9:4; Nu 6:14-17; Nu 28:3-13

Rituals for purification from ritual uncleanness

Childbirth Lk 2:22-24 See also Lev 12:1-8

Unclean diseases Mk 1:40-44 pp Mt 8:2-4 pp Lk 5:12-14 See also Lev 14:2-7

Unclean discharges Lev 15:32-33

Touching dead bodies Nu 19:11-13

Rituals relating to food

Clean and unclean foods Lev 11:1-2 See also Lev 11:44-47

The eating of blood is forbidden Ge 9:4-5; Lev 17:11-12; Ac 15:20

Rituals relating to the priesthood

Lev 8:30 See also Ex 29:1-9

Rituals relating to the place of worship

2Ch 29:4-5 See also Lev 16:15-20; 1Ki 8:62-63 pp 2Ch 7:4-5; Ezr 6:16-17

Rituals relating to special days

Festivals Lev 23:37

The Sabbath Ex 31:12-17; Mt 12:2 pp Mk 2:24 pp Lk 6:2

The initiation ritual of circumcision

Ge 17:10-14

Ritual only has meaning when accompanied by obedience

Ro 2:25 See also Isa 1:11-17; Mt 15:16-20 pp Mk 7:18-23; Mt 23:25; Ro 2:28-29; 1Co 7:19; 1Co 8:8

Rituals of the old covenant are fulfilled by Jesus Christ

Col 2:17 See also Mk 2:27-28; Col 2:11; Heb 10:1-3,8-10

Old covenant rituals are abolished under the new covenant

Heb 9:10 See also Mk 7:19; Ac 10:9-15; Ro 7:6; Ro 14:14,20; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Eph 2:15; Col 2:13-16

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