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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7414 priesthood, in NT
7414 priesthood, in NT

7414 priesthood, in NT

Jesus Christ recognised the function of the OT priesthood, but the gospel belief in Christ as high priest and the priesthood of all believers superseded the earlier concept.

Jesus Christ acknowledged the role of the Jerusalem priesthood

See also Mt 8:4 pp Mk 1:44 pp Lk 5:14

Characteristics of the Levitical priesthood

It was equivalent to the order of Aaron Heb 7:11

It was incompatible with membership of the tribe of Judah Heb 7:14

It was not established by divine oath Heb 7:20

Characteristics of the Melchizedek priesthood

Heb 7:15-16

How Jesus Christ’s priesthood resembled the OT priesthood

He fulfilled the requirement of humanity Heb 2:17 See also Heb 5:1

He was not self-appointed Heb 5:4-5

He resembled Melchizedek Heb 5:10

How Jesus Christ’s priesthood contrasts with the Levitical priesthood

It involves a change in the applicability of the law Heb 7:12-13

It lasts for ever Heb 7:23-24 See also Heb 10:11-12

It was based on a once-for-all sacrifice, not of animals but of himself Heb 9:26 See also Heb 9:12

It is effective, not simply illustrative Heb 10:14 See also Heb 8:5; Heb 10:1,4

It is not that of a mere man, but of the Son of God Heb 7:28 See also Heb 4:14; Heb 7:26

Characteristics of the priesthood of all believers

1Pe 2:9

They are to reflect the holiness of their great high priest 1Pe 1:15 See also Heb 10:10

They are to offer spiritual sacrifices 1Pe 2:5 See also Ro 12:1; Php 4:18; Heb 13:15

They are to intercede for others before God 1Ti 2:1 See also Rev 5:8,10

They are to represent God before other human beings 2Co 5:20 See also Eph 3:7-11

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