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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7406 Passover
7406 Passover

7406 Passover

One of the major OT feasts. It specifically commemorates the exodus from Egypt as an act of God’s deliverance. In Israel’s calendar of feasts it was always celebrated with the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

The institution of the Passover

Ex 12:25-27 The Hebrew term “Passover” derives from a verb meaning “to pass over” with the sense of “to spare”.

Celebrating the Passover

Instructions concerning its observance See also Ex 12:2-11,46-47; Nu 9:1-5; Dt 16:1-8

Combined with the Feast of Unleavened Bread Ex 34:25

The need for ritual cleansing Jn 11:55

Provision for ritual uncleanness Nu 9:6-13

Provision for non-Jews Ex 12:43-45,48-49; Nu 9:14

Its observance in the OT These occasions are times of spiritual renewal, when the nation remembered how the Lord had saved them: Jos 5:10; 2Ki 23:21-23; 2Ch 30:1-5,13-20; Ezr 6:19-21

Ezekiel’s vision of the future observance of the Passover Eze 45:21-24

The Passover in the NT

Its observance Lk 2:41-42; Jn 6:4; Ac 12:4

It was celebrated by Jesus Christ Lk 22:15 At Passover time Jesus Christ himself was sacrificed and he inaugurated the Lord’s Supper. See also Mt 26:17-19 pp Mk 14:12-16 pp Lk 22:7-13; Jn 2:23 Jesus Christ observed the Passover like other Jews.

Jesus Christ identified with the Passover lamb 1Co 5:7 See also Jn 1:29,36; Jn 19:36 This may refer to the Passover victim; Ex 12:46; Rev 5:5-6

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