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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7398 New Moon festival
7398 New Moon festival

7398 New Moon festival

The festival which marked the consecration to God of each new month in the year.

New Moon festivals were required under the Mosaic law

Nu 28:11

New Moon festivals were times of celebration

They were marked by blowing of trumpets Nu 10:10 See also Ps 81:3

They were celebrated with offerings Nu 28:11-15; 1Ch 23:30-31; 2Ch 2:4; 2Ch 8:12-13; 2Ch 31:3 reformed temple worship under Hezekiah; Ne 10:32-33 New Moon festivals were restored on the return from exile; Eze 45:17; Eze 46:1,3,6

They were times when normal work ceased David was to dine with Saul: 1Sa 20:5,18,24
2Ki 4:23 the Shunammite woman and her husband; Am 8:5 Some saw them as a hindrance to business.

A wrong inner attitude at New Moon celebrations incurs God’s anger

Isa 1:13-14; Hos 2:11; Hos 5:7

NT reference to the New Moon festival

Col 2:16-17

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