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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7390 Levites
7390 Levites

7390 Levites

Assistants to the Aaronic priests, they exercised an auxiliary ministry, caring for the tabernacle. After the ark was brought to Jerusalem by David their role was re-ordered and extended. They were reconsecrated during the reforms of Josiah and Hezekiah and recommissioned by Ezra and Nehemiah when the Israelites returned from captivity.

The Levites and the care of the tabernacle

The Levites are to transport, erect and guard the tabernacle Nu 1:48-53 See also Nu 2:17; Dt 10:8

The Gershonite branch of the Levites are to care for the coverings and curtains of the tabernacle Nu 3:25-26 See also Nu 4:24-27

The Kohathite branch of the Levites are to care for the furnishings of the sanctuary Nu 3:31 See also Nu 4:4-20

The Merarite branch of the Levites are to care for the frames of the tabernacle Nu 3:36-37 See also Nu 4:29-33

The Levites are to have an auxiliary ministry

Nu 3:5-10 See also Nu 8:19; Nu 18:1-7

The Levites are set apart for their ministry

Nu 8:20-21 See also Nu 8:5-15

The Levites’period of service was between the ages of 25 and 50

Nu 8:23-26 See also Nu 4:1-3 Some suggest that the reason for the discrepancy in ages between Numbers chapters 4 and 8 is that the Levites had to serve an apprenticeship for the first five years.

Occasions after the settlement when the Levites transport the ark

1Sa 6:15; 2Sa 15:24; 1Ki 8:3-5 pp 2Ch 5:4-6; 1Ch 15:1-16

David re-orders and extends the role of the Levites

1Ch 23:2-6 See also 1Ch 6:31-49; 1Ch 16:4-6; 1Ch 23:24-32; 1Ch 25:1-26:32

Hezekiah and Josiah rededicate the Levites

2Ch 29:3-36; 2Ch 35:1-6

Ezra and Nehemiah recommission the Levites after the return from exile

Ezr 6:16-18 See also Ne 12:22-26

Ezekiel prophesies a restored but restricted role for the Levites in the new temple

Eze 44:10-14

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