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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7388 kinsman-redeemer
7388 kinsman-redeemer

7388 kinsman-redeemer

The relative who restores or preserves the full community rights of disadvantaged family members. The concept arises from God’s covenant relationship with Israel and points to the redemption of humanity in Jesus Christ.

Covenant rules for the kinsman-redeemer

The kinsman-redeemer’s obligation to redeem the land Lev 25:25-28; Jer 32:6-9

The kinsman-redeemer’s obligation to redeem the enslaved Lev 25:47-55

The kinsman-redeemer’s obligation to provide an heir Ge 38:8-10; Dt 25:5-10; Mt 22:23-28 pp Mk 12:18-23 pp Lk 20:27-33

The kinsman-redeemer’s obligation to avenge death Nu 35:16-21

The kinsman-redeemer’s obligation to be a trustee Nu 5:5-8

The kinsman-redeemer in the book of Ruth

Ru 2:20 See also Ru 3:1-4:17

The Lord as redeemer

Ex 6:6-7 See also 2Sa 7:22-24; Isa 43:1-7; Isa 54:5-8; Jer 50:33-34

The kinsman-redeemer reflects God’s concern for the poor and oppressed

Pr 23:10-11 See also Ps 68:5-6; Ps 72:2-4

God’s provision of Jesus Christ as kinsman-redeemer

Gal 4:4-7 See also Gal 3:13-14; Heb 2:11-18

See also

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2321Christ as redeemer
6717reconciliation, world to God
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