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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7378 high priest, in NT
7378 high priest, in NT

7378 high priest, in NT

Under the Roman administration the high priest remained the senior Jewish leader, but his power was limited by Roman supervision.

High priests of the NT

Lk 3:2; Ac 23:2 Annas was high priest from A.D. 6 until deposed by the Roman official, Gratus, in A.D. 15. Though replaced by his son Eleazar and, in A.D. 18, by Caiaphas, his son-in-law, Annas retained his authority in Jewish eyes. Strictly, there could only be one high priest at a time. Ananias, the high priest of Ac 23:2, was not related to the family of Annas.

Grandeur of the high priest

Jn 18:10,15 The courtyard was within a palace; Ac 6:12; Ac 7:1 The high priest was president of the Sanhedrin.

The high priest’s connections with Jesus Christ

Prophesying Jesus Christ’s death Jn 11:49-50 Words spoken by Caiaphas in a political sense were seen to be prophetic, pointing forward to the sacrificing role the high priest would play in the death of Jesus Christ. See also Jn 11:51-52

Presiding at Jesus Christ’s trial Jn 18:19-24 See also Mt 26:57-59 pp Mk 14:53-55; Mt 26:62-65 pp Mk 14:61-64; Lk 22:54; Jn 18:28 Caiaphas, the necessary go-between, brought Jesus Christ before Pilate.

The high priest’s encounters with Peter and John

Ac 4:7 The teaching of Jesus Christ’s resurrection was particularly abhorrent to the Sadducees, the priestly party to which Annas and Caiaphas belonged. See also Ac 5:17,21,29

The high priest’s encounter with Stephen

Ac 7:1 Stephen was thought to have threatened the temple, the focus of high priestly power. See also Ac 7:57-59

Encounters of the high priests with Paul

Commissioning Paul to persecute Christians Ac 9:1-2

Ordering that Paul be struck Ac 23:3 See also Jn 18:21-23

Taking charges against Paul to the Roman governor Ac 24:1 See also Jn 18:28

NT references to OT high priests

Abiathar Mk 2:26

Melchizedek Heb 5:6

Jesus Christ as high priest

Heb 4:14-16 See also Heb 8:1-2; Heb 9:14

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