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7374 high places

7374 high places

Natural heights were sometimes the sites of shrines devoted to the Lord. However, the term usually refers to the places where shrines were set up to foreign gods, especially shrines where the worship of the Lord was in rivalry with Jerusalem.

High places referring to mountainous areas

Hab 3:19 See also Dt 32:13; Ps 18:33 pp 2Sa 22:34

High places express divine lordship

Am 4:13 See also Mic 1:3

High places referring to shrines to the Lord

High places were the focus of worship before the building of Solomon’s temple 1Ki 3:2-3

High places associated with Samuel 1Sa 9:12 See also 1Sa 9:13-14,19

Associated with other prophets 1Sa 10:5

High places referring to foreign shrines

In Canaan before the conquest Dt 33:29

Among Israel’s neighbours Isa 15:2 See also Isa 16:12

Israelite use of high places condemned

The building of shrines on high places 1Ki 12:31

High places condemned by God Lev 26:30 See also Nu 33:52; Dt 12:2

High places condemned by the prophets Eze 20:28-29 See also Jer 17:3

High places associated with foreign gods

Jer 32:35 Baal; 1Ki 11:7 Chemosh and Molech

Worship at the high places

High places regarded as unsatisfactory places to worship the Lord 2Ch 32:12 See also 2Ki 18:4 The presence of Asherah poles is evidence of a consort for the Lord, typical of Baal worship, but alien to the Biblical concept of God; 2Ch 31:1

Characteristics of worship at the high places 2Ki 17:11 burning incense; 2Ki 23:20 the presence of priests; 2Ch 28:25 sacrifices; Eze 43:7 a site for the tombs of kings

Removal of the high places

Lev 26:30; Nu 33:52; 2Ch 14:3; 2Ch 17:6

Commended for the zeal shown 2Ki 23:5 See also 2Ki 23:8,15

Used as a test 1Ki 15:14; 1Ki 22:43; 2Ki 12:2-3; 2Ki 14:3-4; 2Ki 15:3-4,34-35; 2Ch 20:32-33

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