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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7364 fellowship offering
7364 fellowship offering

7364 fellowship offering

Sacrificial meals shared by offerer, people and priests. The name of these offerings is related to the Hebrew “shalom”, meaning “wholeness” or “peace”, and they are therefore also known as “peace offerings”.

Fellowship offerings were required by God

See also Ex 20:24

Their purpose was thanksgiving, vow fulfilment or freewill offering Lev 7:11-18

Regulations for making a fellowship offering

The animal Lev 3:1,6,12

Its slaughter Lev 3:2,8,13; Lev 17:5-6

All requirements must be fulfilled for the offering to be acceptable Lev 19:5; Lev 22:21; Jos 22:29 A right attitude: Am 5:22,24

The fellowship offering was shared

God received the best Lev 3:3-5,9-11,14-16

The priests received their share as food Lev 7:29-34

The people ate the rest Lev 10:14

Fellowship offerings affirmed the covenant relationship

The Sinai covenant with Israel: Ex 20:24; Ex 24:4-6; Jos 8:31-32 God’s covenant with the king: 1Sa 10:8; 1Sa 11:15; 1Ki 9:25

The celebration of fellowship offerings

At seasonal festivals Lev 23:19 the Feast of Weeks; Nu 29:39 the Feast of Tabernacles

On other religious and national occasions At the completion of the time of separation of a Nazirite: Nu 6:14,17-18
Nu 10:10 at New Moons and other festivals Numbers chapter 7 contains many examples of the offerings made at the dedication of the tabernacle: Nu 7:17,23,29 On entering the promised land: Nu 15:8; Dt 27:7
2Sa 6:17-18 on bringing the ark to Jerusalem; 2Sa 24:25 on locating the site for the temple
1Ki 8:63-64 pp 2Ch 7:7 at the dedication of the temple Re-establishing the ordinances of the temple: 2Ch 29:35; 2Ch 30:22; 2Ch 31:2; 2Ch 33:16
Pr 7:14 Ezekiel’s vision of the restored temple includes the re-establishing of offerings: Eze 45:15,17; Eze 46:2,12

Fellowship offerings in idolatrous worship

Ex 32:6

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