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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7354 feasts and festivals
7354 feasts and festivals

7354 feasts and festivals

The OT makes reference to a number of feasts and festivals, which generally commemorate an event in Israel’s history (e.g., the Feast of Passover) or some season of the year (e.g., the Feast of Weeks). In the NT, some of these festivals are given new meanings, such as Pentecost, which was originally a harvest festival, but which came to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.

This set of themes consists of the following:

7355feasts and festivals, nature of
7356Feast of Dedication
7357Feast of Firstfruits
7358Feast of Tabernacles
7359Feast of Trumpets
7360Feast of Unleavened Bread
7361Feast of Weeks