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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7350 drink offering
7350 drink offering

7350 drink offering

A sacrificial offering of wine poured out at the foot of the altar, to accompany a burnt, fellowship or grain offering.

The drink offering was an ancient custom

Ge 35:14

Drink offerings were proportionate to the size of animal sacrificed

See also Nu 15:5,7,10

Drink offerings were required on feasts and sacred days

As part of the daily offerings: Ex 29:41; Nu 28:7-8
Lev 23:13 Firstfruits Feast of Weeks: Lev 23:18; Nu 28:31 Feast of Tabernacles: Lev 23:37; Nu 29:30-31
Nu 28:24 Passover; Nu 28:9-10 Sabbath offerings; Nu 28:14 monthly offerings; Nu 29:6 Feast of Trumpets; Nu 29:11 Day of Atonement

Occasions for making a drink offering

To accompany sacrifices for unintentional sins Nu 15:24

To mark special occasions Nu 6:17 after taking a Nazirite vow; 1Ch 29:21 at the accession of a king; 2Ch 29:35 during a religious reformation; Eze 45:17 in Ezekiel’s vision of restored worship

God’s displeasure when drink offerings were poured out to idols

Jer 7:18 See also Isa 57:6; Jer 19:13; Jer 32:29; Jer 44:17-19,25; Eze 20:28

Drink offerings as a symbol

Of restoration after a locust plague Joel 2:13-14

Of devotion and sacrifice Php 2:17 See also 2Sa 23:15-17; 2Ti 4:6-8

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