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7344 curtain

7344 curtain

Mentioned chiefly in relation to the construction of the tabernacle. The curtain which separated off the Most Holy Place symbolised the separation between God and humanity. The tearing of the curtain when Jesus Christ was crucified symbolised the end of this separation and gave access into God’s presence for believers.

Curtains for the construction of the tabernacle

Ex 26:1-6 See also Ex 36:8-13
Ex 26:7-13 See also Ex 36:14-18
Ex 26:36-37 See also Ex 36:37-38
Ex 27:9-18 See also Ex 38:9-19; Ex 35:10-17 pp Ex 39:33-40; Nu 3:25-26

The curtain in the Most Holy Place

The Most Holy Place shielded with a curtain Heb 9:2-4 See also Ex 26:31-33; Ex 40:2-3,21; Nu 4:5; 2Ch 3:14 As in the tabernacle, the Most Holy Place in Solomon’s temple was shut off with a curtain.

The curtain symbolises separation from God Lev 16:2 See also Nu 18:7; Heb 9:6-9

The curtain indicates the hiddenness of God Ps 18:11 pp 2Sa 22:12 See also Ex 20:21; Dt 4:11; Job 22:14; Ps 97:2; 1Ti 6:16

The torn curtain symbolises access to God Mt 27:51 pp Mk 15:38 pp Lk 23:45 Heb 10:19-20 See also Heb 6:19-20

Other examples of tent curtains

SS 1:5; Isa 54:2

See also

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7396Most Holy Place
7459tabernacle, in OT
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