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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7330 chief priests
7330 chief priests

7330 chief priests

A group of individuals in charge of temple worship in Jerusalem, and regarded as leading representatives of the Jewish people, who came into conflict with Jesus Christ and plotted his death.

OT references to the chief priest

2Ch 19:11 See also 2Ki 25:18 pp Jer 52:24 Seraiah Jehoiada: 2Ch 24:6,11
2Ch 31:10 Azariah; Ezr 7:5 Ezra was descended from Aaron the chief priest

The chief priests were in charge of temple worship in Jerusalem

Mt 2:4 They were expected to pronounce on matters of Jewish law and interpretation of Scripture; Mt 21:15 Temple discipline was their responsibility.

Jesus Christ predicted his suffering at the hands of the chief priests and elders

Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 20:18 pp Mk 10:33

The response of the chief priests to Jesus Christ

They were puzzled by Jesus Christ’s teaching Mt 21:23 pp Mk 11:27-28 pp Lk 20:1-2 See also Mt 21:45-46 pp Lk 20:19; Jn 7:32,45; Jn 11:47 As official representatives of the Jewish people, they feared the political repercussions of Jesus Christ’s popularity.

They and the elders plotted Jesus Christ’s death Mt 26:3-5 pp Mk 14:1 See also Mt 26:59 pp Mk 14:55; Mt 27:1

They collaborated with Judas Mt 26:14 pp Mk 14:10 pp Lk 22:4; Mt 26:47 pp Mk 14:43 pp Lk 22:52 pp Jn 18:3; Mt 27:3-6

The role of the chief priests in the trial of Jesus Christ

They made accusations against Jesus Christ Mt 27:12 pp Mk 15:3; Lk 22:66; Lk 23:10

They persuaded the crowd against Jesus Christ Mt 27:20; Lk 23:4,13; Jn 19:6

They mocked Jesus Christ Mt 27:41 pp Mk 15:31

They handed Jesus Christ over to Pilate Mk 15:10; Lk 24:20; Jn 18:35

They persuaded Pilate to have the tomb guarded Mt 27:62-66

They bribed the soldiers Mt 28:11-15

They rejected Jesus Christ as king Jn 19:15,21

The chief priests’attempt to prevent the preaching of the gospel

By silencing the apostles Ac 4:23; Ac 5:24

By authorising Paul to arrest believers Ac 9:14,21; Ac 26:10,12

The involvement of the chief priests in the arrest and trial of Paul

Ac 22:30; Ac 23:14; Ac 25:2,15

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