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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7324 calf worship
7324 calf worship

7324 calf worship

A heathen (notably Egyptian and Canaanite) practice, in which statues of bull calves were worshipped as symbols of fertility and physical strength. Contrary to the second commandment this was copied by the Israelites and by Jeroboam after the division of the kingdom, in both cases incurring God’s wrath.

Aaron made a golden calf for the Israelites to worship

This act was born partly of impatience Ex 32:1-4 See also Ex 32:7-8; Ps 106:19-22; Ac 7:41

It was swiftly condemned Ex 32:19-20 See also Ex 32:35; Dt 9:16-21; Ps 106:23

King Jeroboam initiated calf worship

As a matter of expediency 1Ki 12:26-30 See also 2Ki 17:15-16; 2Ch 11:14-15; 2Ch 13:8

Jeroboam’s sin was one of the main reasons for the Assyrian captivity 2Ki 17:18-28 See also Hos 8:4-9; Hos 10:5-6

Calf worship is detestable and useless

Dt 7:25; Isa 44:9-20; Isa 46:6-7; Ro 1:21-23

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