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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7322 burnt offering
7322 burnt offering

7322 burnt offering

Probably the earliest and most basic form of sacrifice. It is seen fundamentally as a gift to God, either in thanksgiving for his goodness or for atonement for sin.

Hebrew names for the burnt offering

Dt 33:10 The rarer Hebrew expression means something whole or complete; Ps 66:13 The commoner expression in Hebrew means that which “goes up” to God. See also 1Sa 7:9; Ps 51:19

Early examples of burnt offerings

Ge 8:20 Probably all these examples include an element of propitiation: Ge 22:2-8,13; Ex 10:25; Ex 18:12; Ex 20:24; Ex 24:5; Job 1:5

Regulations concerning the burnt offering

How the offering is to be made Lev 1:1-17; Lev 6:8-13; Lev 7:8 the entitlement of the priest; Mal 1:8

Occasions for making the offering Nu 28:9-10 It was an additional offering on the Sabbath. As a daily offering: Ex 29:38-42; Ezr 3:3
Lev 8:18-21 at the ordination of priests On the Day of Atonement: Lev 16:3,24
Nu 28:11-14 on the first of the month, the new moon At Passover: Nu 28:19,23 At Firstfruits and the Feast of Weeks: Lev 23:12,18; Nu 28:27 At the beginning of the seventh month: Nu 29:2,6 At the Feast of Tabernacles: Nu 29:13
Lk 2:24 for purification after childbirth

Burnt offerings in idolatrous worship

Ex 32:6; 2Ki 10:25

Warnings about misplaced confidence in the burnt offering

1Sa 15:22 See also Isa 1:11-15; Jer 7:21-22; Hos 6:6; Am 5:25; Mic 6:6-8

NT references to the burnt offering

Jesus Christ endorsed the prophets’teaching Mk 12:33-34 See also Mt 9:13; Mt 12:7

The holy life of Jesus Christ is the perfect burnt offering Heb 10:5-10 See also Heb 10:14

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