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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7318 blood, as symbol of guilt
7318 blood, as symbol of guilt

7318 blood, as symbol of guilt

Blood is often used as an image of people’s sin and guilt, and the judgment which follows. Blood-guilt is ascribed to those who are responsible for the shedding of innocent blood.

Blood as an image of sin and guilt

Isa 59:2-3 See also Lev 20:9-13,27; 2Sa 1:14-16; Isa 1:15-18; Na 3:1; Ac 18:6

Blood as an image of judgment

Isa 34:5-6 See also Ex 7:14-21; Ps 78:44; Ps 105:29; Ac 2:19-20; Joel 2:30-31

Blood as a sign of the end times

Ac 2:19-20 See also Joel 2:30-31; Rev 6:12-15; Rev 8:7-9; Rev 16:3-6

Blood-guilt, the result of shedding innocent blood

Examples of blood-guilt Ge 4:8-11 See also 2Sa 1:14-16; 2Sa 4:5-12; Eze 35:5-9; Hab 2:12; Mt 27:3-8,24; Ac 5:28

The right to avenge blood-guilt under the law Dt 19:11-13 See also Nu 35:16-28

Restraint to avoid further blood-guilt Dt 4:41-42 See also Ge 4:15; Nu 35:6-34; Dt 19:4-10; Jos 20:1-9

Blood-guilt cannot be forgotten Ge 9:5-6 See also Ge 4:10-16; Ge 42:22; 1Ki 2:28-33; Isa 26:21; Mt 23:30-31

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