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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7310 avenger of blood
7310 avenger of blood

7310 avenger of blood

The one responsible in OT law for carrying out the death penalty in the case of murder, usually, the murdered person’s next of kin.

The responsibility of the avenger of blood

Nu 35:16-21 See also Nu 35:26-27; Dt 19:11-12

Protection from the avenger of blood

Nu 35:10-15 See also Nu 35:22-25; Dt 19:4-6; Jos 20:1-6

Examples of avenging of blood

Ge 4:24; 2Sa 3:27; 2Sa 14:11

God as an avenger of blood

Dt 32:43 See also Jdg 9:23-24; 2Ki 9:7; Ps 9:12; Ps 79:10; Rev 6:10; Rev 19:2

See also

5495revenge & retaliation
5711marriage, restrictions
7318blood, symbol of guilt
7338cities of refuge
7346death penalty
9210judgment, God’s

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