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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7306 ark of the covenant
7306 ark of the covenant

7306 ark of the covenant

A rectangular wooden box, overlaid with gold, measuring 3.75 x 2.25 x 2.25 feet (1.1 x 0.7 x 0.7 metres). It contains the Law tablets and symbolises God’s presence with his people.

Descriptions of the ark

Ex 25:22; Lev 16:2; Nu 10:33; Jos 3:6; Jos 4:5,9; 1Sa 4:11

The construction of the ark Ex 25:10-16; Dt 10:1; Ex 31:1-7; Ex 35:10-12; Ex 37:1-5; Dt 10:3; Ex 39:33,35; Ex 40:1-5,20-21

The construction of the atonement cover Ex 25:17-21; Ex 26:34; Ex 30:6; Ex 37:6-9; Ex 39:35; Ex 40:20

The care of the ark

Nu 3:30-32; Nu 4:5; Dt 10:8; Dt 31:9

Major events in the history of the ark

The ark is taken to the promised land Jos 3:3,6,15-16; Jos 6:4-16; Jos 8:33

The ark is the focus of the covenant renewal at Mount Ebal Jdg 20:26-28

The ark is captured by the Philistines 1Sa 4:1-11,17-22; 1Sa 5:1-12

The ark is returned to Israel 1Sa 6:1-3,10-15,19; 1Sa 7:1-2

The ark is brought to Jerusalem 2Sa 6:1-12 pp 1Ch 13:3-14; 2Sa 6:17 pp 1Ch 16:1; 1Ch 15:1; 1Ch 16:37; 2Sa 7:2-7 pp 1Ch 17:1-6; 2Sa 15:24-25,29 David is fleeing from Absalom.

The ark is placed in the temple 1Ki 8:1-6 pp 2Ch 5:2-7

The ark in later Israelite history 2Ch 35:3 The ark must have been moved from the temple.

The function of the ark

To contain the tablets of the Law Dt 10:5 See also Ex 25:16,21; Ex 40:20; Dt 31:24-26; 1Ki 8:9; Heb 9:4 The jar of manna and Aaron’s rod were originally placed beside the ark (Ex 16:34; Nu 17:10), and were probably put inside it at a later date.

As the place where God reveals his commands to Moses Nu 7:89 See also Ex 25:22; Ex 30:6,36

As a symbol of the presence of God Lev 16:2 See also Nu 10:33-36; Jos 7:6; Jdg 20:27; 2Sa 7:2 pp 1Ch 17:1; 2Ch 6:41 pp Ps 132:8

Used on the Day of Atonement Lev 16:13-15

The ark’s holiness and effect

Irreverent treament of the ark brings judgment 2Sa 6:6-7 pp 1Ch 13:9-10 See also Jos 3:4; 1Sa 5:1-4,8-12; 1Sa 6:19

The presence of the ark brings blessing 2Sa 6:11 pp 1Ch 13:14

A restored Israel in which the ark has no place

Jer 3:16

The ark in John’s revelation

Rev 11:19 The ark here symbolises the presence of God and is open and visible, not hidden in the Most Holy Place.

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