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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7304 anointing
7304 anointing

7304 anointing

The application of oil was associated with times of rejoicing and celebration. It also possessed a deeper significance, including that of being singled out by God for special favour or responsibilities.

Anointing as a social custom

In personal grooming Ecc 9:8 The associations here are of joy and well-being. See also Ru 3:3; Ps 92:10; Isa 57:9; Am 6:6; Mt 6:17

Anointing guests as a mark of honour Ps 23:5 See also Lk 7:36-39,44-47; Jn 12:3

Anointing corpses as a burial preparation Mk 16:1 See also Mt 26:6-12; Jn 19:38-40

Anointing religious objects

Ex 40:9-11 Anointed objects are set apart (consecrated), to be used only in the performance of religious ceremonies. See also Ge 28:18; Ex 30:22-33

Anointing people for office

Priests Ex 40:12-15 See also Lev 4:16; Lev 21:10-12; 1Ch 29:22

Kings 1Ki 1:39 See also 1Sa 10:1; 1Sa 16:12-13; 2Sa 5:3; 2Ki 11:12

A prophet 1Ki 19:15-16 the only reference to the anointing of a prophet

Anointing people for other purposes

For purification Lev 14:15-18

For healing Mk 6:13 It has been suggested that anointing in a healing context may be related to the use of oil for medicinal purposes. See also Jas 5:14

The figurative use of anointing

Anointing by God 1Sa 26:9 Israel’s king is frequently referred to as “the Lord’s anointed”. His physical anointing is seen as symbolising a divine anointing. The word “Messiah” literally means “the anointed one”; Isa 45:1 Cyrus, as God’s agent for a specific task, is referred to as “his anointed”. See also 2Sa 23:1; Ps 2:2; Ps 45:2; Ps 89:20; Eze 28:14

God’s people in the OT 1Ch 16:22 pp Ps 105:15

Christian believers 2Co 1:21-22 See also 1Jn 2:20,27 This anointing is not received in an outward ceremony but by sharing in the Holy Spirit’s anointing of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ as God’s Anointed One (the Messiah)

Ac 4:26-27 Jesus Christ’s receiving of the Holy Spirit at his baptism was his “anointing” for his Messianic work; Ac 10:38 Note the link between anointing and the Holy Spirit. See also Da 9:25-26; Lk 4:18; Isa 61:1; Heb 1:9

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