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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7266 tribes of Israel
7266 tribes of Israel

7266 tribes of Israel

The divisions of Israel on lines of kinship, according to descent from the twelve sons of Jacob. These divisions were most pronounced in the period before Saul became king of Israel but were maintained throughout Israel’s history.

Origin of the tribes of Israel

Twelve sons of Jacob Ge 35:22-26 See also Ge 29:31-35; Ge 30:3-13,17-24; Ge 35:16-18

Increased in number while living in Egypt Ge 46:5-27 See also Ex 1:1-7

Blessings on the tribes of Israel

Ge 49:1-28; Dt 33:1-29

Association of the twelve apostles with the tribes of Israel

Mt 19:28 See also Mt 10:1-4 pp Mk 3:13-19 pp Lk 6:12-16; Lk 22:28-30; Ac 1:12-26; Rev 21:12-14

Other NT references to the tribes of Israel

Jas 1:1 See also Ac 26:6-7

The tribes of Israel in end-time prophecy

Rev 7:1-8 See also Eze 47:13-14; Eze 48:1-35; Rev 21:9-14

The tribe of Asher

The genealogy of Asher Ge 46:17 See also Nu 26:44-47; 1Ch 7:30-40

The history of Asher In the wilderness: Nu 1:40-41; Nu 10:25-28 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12-13; Jos 19:24-31; Jdg 7:22-23 After the division of the kingdom: 2Ch 30:6-11; Lk 2:36-38

The tribe of Benjamin

The genealogy of Benjamin Ge 46:21 See also Nu 26:38-41; 1Ch 7:6-12; 1Ch 8:1-40; 1Ch 9:1-9

The history of Benjamin In the wilderness: Nu 1:36-37; Nu 2:18-23 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12; Jos 18:11-28; 1Ch 12:1-2
Jdg 19:1-21:23 the war against Benjamin After the division of the kingdom: 1Ki 12:21-24 pp 2Ch 11:1-4; 2Ch 11:5-12; Ezr 1:5

The tribe of Dan

The genealogy of Dan Nu 26:42-43

The history of Dan In the wilderness: Nu 1:38-39; Nu 2:25; Nu 10:25 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12-13; Jos 19:40-47; Jdg 18:1-31

The tribe of Ephraim

The tribe of Ephraim was descended from Joseph’s younger son Jos 14:4 See also Ge 48:1-20

The genealogy of Ephraim Nu 26:35-37 See also 1Ch 7:20-29

The history of Ephraim In the wilderness: Nu 1:32-33; Nu 2:18 In the land of Canaan: Jos 16:1-10; Jos 17:14-18; Jdg 1:29; Jdg 7:22-8:3
Jdg 12:1-6 the war against Ephraim

Later prophecies against Ephraim Isa 7:2-9

The tribe of Gad

The genealogy of Gad Ge 46:16 See also Nu 26:15-18

The history of Gad In the wilderness: Nu 1:24-25; Nu 2:10-14 Their allocation of land east of the Jordan: Nu 32:28-36; Dt 3:12-17; Dt 29:7-8; Jos 13:24-28 The conquest of Canaan: Jos 1:12-18; Jos 4:10-13; Jos 22:1-34; 1Ch 5:18-22 Under the monarchy: 1Ch 5:25-26; 1Ch 12:37

The tribe of Issachar

The genealogy of Issachar Ge 46:13 See also Nu 26:23-25; 1Ch 7:1-5

The history of Issachar In the wilderness: Nu 1:28-29; Nu 2:3-6 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12; Jos 19:17-23; Jdg 10:1 Under the monarchy: 1Ch 12:38-40; 2Ch 30:10-20

The tribe of Judah

The genealogy of Judah Nu 26:19-22 See also Ge 46:8-12; 1Ch 2:1-4:23

The tribe of Judah in the wilderness Nu 1:26-27 See also Nu 2:3-4; Nu 13:1-6; Nu 34:16-19; Dt 27:11-12; Dt 33:7

Judah was prominent among the tribes Ge 49:8-12 See also Nu 2:1-9; Nu 7:10-17; Nu 10:11-14; Jdg 1:1-20

The territory of the tribe of Judah Jos 18:5 See also Jos 11:21; Jos 15:1-63 the extent of the allotment for Judah; Jos 20:1-7 cities of refuge in Judah Towns for the Levites in Judah: Jos 21:1-4,9-16
1Sa 17:1; 1Sa 22:3-5; 1Sa 23:21-23; 1Sa 27:8-10; 1Sa 30:11-16; 2Sa 2:1; 2Sa 24:5-7

Early evidence of the distinction between Judah and the other tribes 2Sa 24:9 pp 1Ch 21:5 See also 1Sa 11:8; 1Sa 17:52; 1Sa 18:16 David’s reign over Judah: 2Sa 2:8-11; 2Sa 3:9-10; 2Sa 5:5
2Sa 11:11; 2Sa 12:8; 2Sa 19:40-20:2 Judah remained loyal to David when Israel rebelled; 2Sa 21:2; 2Sa 24:1 Israel and Judah united under Solomon: 1Ki 1:35; 1Ki 4:20,25

The separation of Judah from the northern tribes 1Ki 12:1-24 pp 2Ch 10:1-11:4

The continuing tribal identity of Judah 2Ch 19:8-11 See also 2Ki 17:18-20; Ps 78:67-68; Eze 37:15-28; Eze 48:1-8,30-31; Rev 7:1-8

The tribe of Levi

The genealogy of Levi Ex 6:16-25; Nu 3:17-20; Nu 26:57-62

The tribe of Levi is set apart to God Ex 32:25-29 Their loyalty to the Lord set them apart. They were given the responsibility of caring for the tabernacle: Nu 1:47-53; Nu 3:38

They were claimed by God as a substitute for the firstborn males of Israel Nu 3:11-13 See also Nu 3:40-45; Nu 8:15-18

The tribe of Levi received no allotment of land Dt 18:1-2 See also Nu 18:23; Jos 13:32-33; Jos 14:3-4

The tribe of Levi lived in designated towns Nu 35:1-8 See also Lev 25:32-34; Jos 21:1-42 pp 1Ch 6:54-80

Tithes and offerings given by the rest of Israel supported the tribe of Levi Nu 18:21-24 See also Dt 14:22-29; Ne 10:37-38; Ne 13:4-13

Moses blesses the tribe of Levi Dt 33:8-11

The tribe of Levi in the period of the monarchy 1Ch 12:26-28 Their fighting men join David at Hebron; 1Ch 23:2-24 David divides them into three groups and organises their responsibilities; 1Ch 27:16-17 David sets an army officer over them.

The tribe of Manasseh

The tribe of Manasseh was descended from Joseph’s older son Jos 14:4 See also Ge 48:3-20; Nu 26:28-37; 1Ch 7:14-19

Manasseh in the wilderness Nu 1:34-35 See also Nu 2:18-21; Nu 27:1-11; Nu 36:1-12

The division of Manasseh into two The half-tribe of Manasseh was allocated territory in Gilead: Nu 32:33,39-42; Dt 3:13-15; Dt 29:7-8; Jos 12:4-6; Jos 13:29-31; 1Ch 5:23 The remainder of Manasseh was allocated territory west of the Jordan: Jos 13:6-7; Jos 16:1-4; Jos 17:1-13; Jdg 1:27
Jos 22:1-34 the threat of war against the half-tribe of Manasseh and the other Transjordan tribes

Manasseh in the period of the judges Jdg 7:23 See also Jdg 6:11-16,33-35; Jdg 11:1-11; Jdg 12:1-7

Manasseh under the monarchy 1Ch 5:26 See also 1Ch 12:19-20; 1Ch 26:32; 2Ch 15:9; 2Ch 30:1-20; 2Ch 34:8-9

The tribe of Naphtali

The genealogy of Naphtali Ge 46:24 See also Nu 26:48-50

The history of Naphtali In the wilderness: Nu 1:42-43; Nu 2:25-30 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12-13; Jdg 1:33; Jdg 4:4-10; Jdg 6:33-35 Under the monarchy: 2Ki 15:29; 1Ch 12:38-40; 2Ch 34:1-7

The territory of Naphtali Isa 9:1 See also Jos 19:32-39; Mt 4:13-16

The tribe of Reuben

The genealogy of Reuben Nu 26:5-7 See also Ge 46:8-9; Ex 6:14; 1Ch 5:1-10

The history of Reuben In the wilderness: Nu 1:20-21; Nu 2:10-16; Nu 16:1-3 Their allocation of land: Nu 32:1-38; Dt 3:12-17; Dt 29:7-8; Jos 13:15-23 The conquest of Canaan: Jos 1:12-18; Jos 4:10-13; Jos 22:1-34; 1Ch 5:18-22 Under the monarchy: 1Ch 5:25-26; 1Ch 11:42; 1Ch 12:37; 1Ch 26:32; 1Ch 27:16

The tribe of Simeon

The genealogy of Simeon Ex 6:15 See also Ge 46:10; Nu 26:12-14; 1Ch 4:24-37

The history of Simeon In the wilderness: Nu 1:22-23; Nu 2:10-16 In the land of Canaan: Jos 19:1-9; 1Ch 4:38-43; 1Ch 12:23-25 Under the monarchy: 2Ch 15:9; 2Ch 34:1-7

The tribe of Zebulun

The genealogy of Zebulun Ge 46:14 See also Nu 26:26-27

The history of Zebulun In the wilderness: Nu 1:30-31; Nu 2:3-9 In the land of Canaan: Dt 27:12-13; Jdg 1:30; Jdg 4:6,9-10; Jdg 5:13-14,18; Jdg 6:33-35; Jdg 12:11-12 Under the monarchy: 1Ch 12:33,40; 2Ch 30:10-20

The territory of Zebulun Isa 9:1 See also Jos 19:10-16; Mt 4:12-16

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