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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7259 promised land, later history of
7259 promised land, later history of

7259 promised land, later history of

Established firmly in the land under David and Solomon, God’s people ultimately began to neglect the terms of the covenant and were warned by the prophets of the consequent judgment and exile.

Israel’s failure to take full possession of the promised land under the judges

Jdg 1:19 See also Jdg 1:27-35; Jdg 2:1-3; Jdg 18:1

Israel was finally established in the promised land under David and Solomon

1Ch 22:18 See also 2Sa 7:10-11 pp 1Ch 17:9-10; 1Ki 4:21,25

The promised land and the prophets

The prophetic condemnation of the life of God’s people in the promised land Jer 2:7 See also Jer 3:1-3; Eze 22:23-29; Hos 4:1-3

Prophetic warning of coming judgment on the land and exile from it Isa 13:9 See also Isa 8:6-8; Jer 10:17-18; Jer 16:10-13; Eze 7:2-4; Am 7:17

Prophetic assurance of ultimate deliverance and restoration to the promised land Jer 30:3 See also Isa 14:1-2; Isa 60:15-22; Jer 24:5-7; Eze 11:17; Eze 37:11-14; Am 9:14-15; Zec 2:10-12

The desolation of the promised land

By Antiochus Epiphanes Da 8:9-14 The growing horn is Antiochus Epiphanes who tried to wipe out the Jewish faith in 168 B.C., forbidding Jewish practices and defiling the temple with pagan sacrifices and prostitution. See also Da 11:29-35 The help that would be received by God’s people probably refers to the Maccabean revolt and the cleansing of the temple in 165 B.C., although by NT times the land would be occupied by Rome.

By Rome Lk 21:20-24 pp Mt 24:15-21 pp Mk 13:14-19 Jesus Christ prophesies the desolation of the nation by Rome in A.D. 70.

The promised land in the NT

Referred to by Stephen See also Ac 7:3-7,45-47

Referred to by Paul Ac 13:16-19

Referred to by Hebrews Heb 11:8-10 Abraham was looking for a more permanent city than the promised land could ever provide; Heb 11:13-16

The concept of spiritual rest Heb 3:18-4:11

The church looks beyond the promised land Ac 1:6-8 The apostles’concern was for the deliverance of the promised land from Roman domination, but Jesus Christ shows God’s concern to be far wider, to all nations. See also Rev 5:9-10; Rev 7:9-17; Rev 21:9-27

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