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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7258 promised land, early history of
7258 promised land, early history of

7258 promised land, early history of

The promise of a homeland, made to Abraham, began to unfold through Moses and Joshua. Moses taught that the land was to be held in trust by God’s people, obedience to God’s ways bringing blessing in the land and disobedience bringing his judgment.

The location of the promised land

Ge 15:18-21 See also Nu 34:1-12; Dt 7:1

Traditional descriptions of the promised land

Ex 3:17 See also Nu 13:26-27; Dt 8:7-8; Jer 32:22; Eze 20:6

The promised land and Abraham

The covenant with Abraham Ge 15:7-21 See also Ge 13:14-17; Ge 17:7-8

The promised land given to Abraham’s descendants Ge 12:7 See also Ge 17:8; Ge 24:7; Ex 33:1

A burial plot was Abraham’s only earthly possession in the promised land Ge 25:9-10 See also Ge 23:3-20

The promised land and the patriarchs

Ge 26:2-5 See also Ge 28:12-15; Ge 35:11-12; Ge 50:24-25

Later generations look back to the promise made to the patriarchs

Dt 1:8 See also Ex 32:13-14; Dt 6:20-23; Ne 9:7-8; Ps 105:8-11 pp 1Ch 16:15-18

The promised land and Moses

Moses is called to lead Israel into the promised land Dt 10:11 See also Ex 3:16-17; Ex 6:1-8; Nu 11:12

A whole generation is not permitted to enter the promised land Jos 5:6 See also Nu 14:20-38; Nu 32:9-13; Ps 106:24-27

Moses and Aaron are not permitted to enter the promised land Nu 20:12 See also Nu 20:23-29; Nu 27:12-14; Dt 32:48-52; Dt 34:1-4

Moses’instructions to destroy the inhabitants of the land and their practices Dt 7:16 See also Nu 33:50-53; Dt 7:1-6; Dt 12:2-3; Dt 18:9-12

The instructions for distributing the promised land Nu 33:54 See also Nu 34:13-15; Nu 36:5-9; Jos 14:1-5; Ps 78:55

Obedience to the law was a condition for enjoying the blessings of the promised land Dt 6:1-3 See also Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16; Lev 26:3-12; Dt 6:17-19; Dt 7:12-15; Dt 11:8-15; Dt 28:1-8; Jer 11:1-5

Warnings not to forget God and follow Canaanite ways Dt 11:16-17 See also Ex 34:12-16; Lev 18:1-5; Nu 33:55-56; Dt 8:10-14; Dt 28:15-19; Jos 23:14-16

Laws concerning the land Lev 25:23-24 The promised land is seen as belonging to God. See also Ex 23:10-11; Lev 25:1-7,8-13; Nu 35:33-34

The promised land and Joshua

Joshua is called to lead the Israelites into the promised land Dt 31:7-8 See also Dt 3:28; Jos 1:1-6

The Israelites enter the promised land and begin to possess it Jos 3:14-17; Jos 11:16-23; Jos 21:43

God’s people are given rest Jos 21:44-45 See also Dt 12:10; Jos 1:13-15

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