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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7254 plumb-line
7254 plumb-line

7254 plumb-line

A cord weighted with lead that is used in building to check that vertical structures are true. It is used symbolically to refer to the divine standard against which God, the builder of his people, tests and judges them. It also symbolises the standards by which God will rebuild his people.

The plumb-line as the measuring tool of a structure

Zec 1:16; Zec 4:9-10 Using the plumb-line Zerubbabel will carry out his God-given task of building the temple. See also Jer 31:38-40; Zec 2:1-2

God’s plumb-line reveals the nation’s failure

Although built true, Israel has become corrupt Am 7:7-8 See also Isa 1:21-24; Isa 5:1-2,7; Isa 59:14

God’s testing brings judgment 2Ki 21:13 See also Isa 34:11; La 2:8

God will rebuild his people

God’s promise to rebuild Israel Jer 31:4 See also Ps 69:35-36; Ps 147:2; Isa 54:11-12

They will be rebuilt true to God’s plumb-line Isa 28:16-17 See also Ps 51:18-19; Isa 1:25-26; Ps 89:14; Ps 97:2; Ps 99:4; Isa 16:5

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