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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7245 Judah, kingdom of
7245 Judah, kingdom of

7245 Judah, kingdom of

The southernmost of the two kingdoms into which Israel split after the death of Solomon. It was ruled by a series of Davidic kings until the sixth century B.C., when it became a province of the Babylonian empire.

Origin of the kingdom of Judah

1Ki 12:1-24 pp 2Ch 10:1-11:4

Loss of the wealth amassed in Judah

1Ki 14:25-26 pp 2Ch 12:9 See also 1Ki 15:18-19 pp 2Ch 16:2-3; 2Ki 12:17-18; 2Ki 14:14 pp 2Ch 25:24; 2Ki 16:8 pp 2Ch 28:21; 2Ki 18:14-16; 2Ch 24:23

Apostasy in Judah

1Ki 14:22-24 See also 2Ki 8:16-19 pp 2Ch 21:5-7; 2Ki 16:10-16; 2Ki 21:2-16 pp 2Ch 33:2-10; 2Ch 28:22-23

Religious revival in Judah

2Ki 18:2-7 pp 2Ch 29:1-2 pp 2Ch 31:1 pp 2Ch 31:20-21 See also 2Ki 12:1-16 pp 2Ch 24:1-14; 2Ki 23:1-25; 2Ch 34:1-13,29-33; 2Ch 29:1-31:1; 2Ch 35:1-19

The reign of Athaliah in Judah

2Ki 11:1-16 pp 2Ch 22:10-23:21

Coalitions between Judah and Israel

2Ki 8:28-29 pp 2Ch 22:5-6 See also 1Ki 22:1-5 pp 2Ch 18:1-3; 2Ki 3:4-7

War in Judah

With Israel 1Ki 15:6 See also 1Ki 14:30 pp 2Ch 12:15; 1Ki 15:16-17 pp 2Ch 16:1; 2Ki 14:8-14 pp 2Ch 25:17-24; 2Ki 16:5

With other nations 2Ki 14:7 See also 2Ki 8:20-22 pp 2Ch 21:8-10; 2Ki 18:8,13-19:36 pp 2Ch 32:9-19 pp Isa 36:1-22; 2Ch 21:16-17; 2Ch 25:11-12; 2Ch 28:17-18

Judah’s loss of independence and change of status from kingdom to province

2Ki 25:1-12 pp 2Ch 36:17-20 pp Jer 39:1-10 See also 2Ki 25:22-24 pp Jer 40:7-9

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