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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7240 Jerusalem, history of
7240 Jerusalem, history of

7240 Jerusalem, history of

Jerusalem was originally a Jebusite city, occupied by Israel at the time of David. At this stage, it became the capital city of Israel. Following the disintegration of the united kingdom, the city became the capital of the southern kindom of Judah.

Pre-Israelite Jerusalem

Inhabited by Jebusites Jdg 19:9-12 See also Ge 10:15-16; Ge 15:18-21; Ex 3:7-8; Ex 23:23; Ex 34:11; Nu 13:29; Dt 7:1-2; Jos 3:10; Jos 9:1-2; Jos 10:1-7; Jos 15:7-8; Jos 18:28

Israelites unable to occupy Jerusalem Jos 15:63 See also Jdg 1:4-8 Although the men of Judah defeated the Jebusites in this battle, their victory was not sufficient to conquer them nor to gain permanent control over the city; Jdg 1:21

Jerusalem conquered by David 1Ch 11:4-9 pp 2Sa 5:6-10

Jerusalem as the site of the ark

See also 2Sa 6:12-19 pp 1Ch 15:25-16:3

Jerusalem capital city of David and Solomon

2Sa 5:4-5 See also 2Sa 9:13; 2Sa 11:1; 2Sa 12:29-31 pp 1Ch 20:1-3; 2Sa 14:23-24; 2Sa 15:13-14; 1Ki 2:10-12,36-45; 1Ki 3:1; 1Ki 8:1; 1Ki 10:1-5,26-27; 1Ki 11:41-43

Jerusalem capital of the southern kingdom

1Ki 14:21 See also 1Ki 12:16-19 pp 2Ch 10:16-19; 1Ki 12:25-27; 1Ki 15:9-10; 1Ki 22:42 pp 2Ch 20:31; 2Ki 8:16-17 pp 2Ch 21:5; 2Ki 12:1 pp 2Ch 24:1; 2Ki 15:1-2 pp 2Ch 26:3; 2Ki 18:1-2 pp 2Ch 29:1; 2Ki 18:13-35 pp 2Ch 32:9-19 pp Isa 36:1-22; 2Ki 21:1 pp 2Ch 33:1; 2Ki 23:31-33 pp 2Ch 36:2-3

Jerusalem conquered by the Babylonians

2Ki 24:18-25:12 pp 2Ch 36:11-20 pp Jer 39:1-10 pp Jer 52:1-16

The rebuilding of Jerusalem

See also 2Ch 36:23; Ezr 1:1-4; Ne 2:1-6:19

Jerusalem capital of Persian province of Judah

Ne 1:1-3 See also Ezr 3:1; Ezr 4:4-6; Ezr 10:7; Ne 13:6-7,15-16

Jerusalem in NT times

Mt 2:1-3 See also Mt 3:1-6 pp Mk 1:3-5; Mt 4:25; Mt 15:1 pp Mk 7:1; Lk 2:22,41; Lk 4:9; Jn 11:55; Ac 9:1-2; Ac 25:1-3

Prophetic warning of the destruction of Jerusalem

Lk 21:20-24 See also Lk 23:26-31

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