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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7236 Israel, as united kingdom
7236 Israel, as united kingdom

7236 Israel, as united kingdom

The 12 tribes proclaimed Saul as their first king in 1050 B.C., and remained united under David and Solomon, until the rebellion of the ten northern tribes in 930 B.C.

Israel’s request for a king

Israel requested a king because it had been governed by corrupt judges 1Sa 8:1-5

Israel requested a king to be like the other nations 1Sa 8:19-20

Israel requested a king because of the threat from Ammon 1Sa 12:12

Israel’s request for a king seen as a rejection of God 1Sa 8:6-7 See also 1Sa 10:19; 1Sa 12:16-19

Israel under Saul (1050-1010 B.C.)

Israel oppressed by the Philistines 1Sa 13:19-20

Saul chosen as Israel’s deliverer 1Sa 10:1 See also 1Sa 10:17-25; 1Sa 11:14-15

Israel victorious under Saul 1Sa 14:47-48 See also 1Sa 11:11-13; 1Sa 15:7-8

Israel’s war with the Philistines 1Sa 14:52 See also 1Sa 13:5-7; 1Sa 14:20-23; 1Sa 17:51-53

The popularity of David in Israel 1Sa 18:30 See also 1Sa 18:6-9

Israel defeated by the Philistines, and the death of Saul 1Sa 31:1-10 pp 1Ch 10:1-10

Israel under David (1010-970 B.C.)

Civil war in Israel between David and Ish-Bosheth, Saul’s son 2Sa 3:1 See also 2Sa 2:8-17

David appointed king over Israel 2Sa 5:1-3 pp 1Ch 11:1-3 See also 1Sa 16:1

David makes Jerusalem the capital of Israel 2Sa 5:6-10 pp 1Ch 11:4-9

Israel victorious under David See also 2Sa 8:1-14 pp 1Ch 18:1-13

Officials in Israel under David 2Sa 8:15-18 pp 1Ch 18:14-17; 2Sa 20:23-26

Civil war in Israel between David and his son Absalom 2Sa 15:10-12; 2Sa 18:1-8

God’s judgment on Israel during David’s reign 2Sa 21:1; 2Sa 24:1-16 pp 1Ch 21:1-15

All Israel contributes in preparation for the building of the temple 1Ch 29:6-9

Israel under Solomon (970-930 B.C.)

Officials in Israel under Solomon 1Ki 4:1-19

Prosperity of Israel under Solomon 1Ki 10:27 pp 2Ch 1:15 See also 1Ki 4:20-25

Israel’s trade relations under Solomon 1Ki 10:22 pp 2Ch 9:21 See also 1Ki 5:8-12 pp 2Ch 2:11-16; 1Ki 10:11-12 pp 2Ch 9:10-11; 1Ki 10:28-29 pp 2Ch 9:28

Solomon’s building programme in Israel 1Ki 6:1-37 pp 2Ch 3:1-14; 1Ki 7:1-12; 1Ki 9:17-19 pp 2Ch 8:1-5

Solomon puts Israelites to forced labour 1Ki 5:13-18

Division in Israel (930 B.C.)

Opposition to Solomon 1Ki 11:14-26

Israel divided because of its apostasy 1Ki 11:29-33

Rebellion in Israel against forced labour 1Ki 12:1-19 pp 2Ch 10:1-19

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