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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7233 Israel, as northern kingdom
7233 Israel, as northern kingdom

7233 Israel, as northern kingdom

The northernmost region of the two kingdoms, comprising the ten northern tribes which broke away from Judah in 930 B.C. and remained independent until the Assyrian conquest of 722 B.C., when the nation was exiled because of its sinfulness.

Origins of the division between Judah and Israel

Israelite settlement in Canaan had developed around two distinct regions in the north and south Jos 18:5

The northern Israelite tribes were less ready to transfer allegiance from Saul to David 2Sa 2:10 See also 2Sa 19:41-20:2 Israel seems to have been ready to follow Sheba, because he came from the same tribe as Saul.

Israel’s separation from Judah was the result of disobedience under Solomon 1Ki 11:26-33

Rehoboam’s folly provoked Israel’s rebellion 1Ki 12:1-17 pp 2Ch 10:1-17

Israel’s foreign affairs

Israel at war with Judah (c. 930-886 B.C.) 1Ki 14:30 pp 2Ch 12:15; 2Ch 13:2-3; 2Ch 16:1 pp 1Ki 15:16-17

Israel’s wars with Aram (c. 886-753 B.C.) 1Ki 15:18-20 pp 2Ch 16:2-4; 1Ki 20:1,26; 2Ki 6:24-25; 2Ki 10:32-33; 2Ki 13:3,24-25; 2Ki 14:28

Israel’s alliance with Judah against Aram and Moab (853 B.C.) 1Ki 22:1-4 pp 2Ch 18:1-3; 2Ki 3:4-7

Israel attacked by Assyria (c. 743-734 B.C.) 2Ki 15:19-20,29

Israel’s alliance with Aram against Judah (c. 735/734 B.C.) 2Ki 16:5; Isa 7:1

Israel conquered by Assyria, and her inhabitants exiled (722 B.C.) 2Ki 17:3-6 pp 2Ki 18:9-11

Centres of worship in Israel

The calf idols in Bethel and Dan 1Ki 12:26-33 See also 2Ki 10:29

Worship of Baal and Asherah in the capital, Samaria 1Ki 16:32-33

Gilgal was also a centre of worship See also Hos 12:11

Condemnation of Israel’s way of life

Israel’s worship condemned Am 4:4-5 Amos’language here is full of irony. See also Hos 8:11-13; Am 5:21-24

The corruption of Israel’s priests condemned Hos 6:9 See also Hos 4:6-9

Israel’s unfaithfulness to God condemned Hos 5:7 See also 2Ki 17:7-23; Hos 4:10-13

Prophetic condemnation of sin in Israel Hos 4:1-2 See also Hos 6:11-7:2; Am 2:6-8; Am 5:12

Israel condemned for looking to foreign nations for help instead of to God Hos 11:12-12:1 See also Hos 5:13-15; Hos 7:8-11; Hos 8:9-10

God’s attitude to the northern kingdom of Israel

God’s call to Israel to repent Hos 14:1-2 See also Hos 10:12; Am 5:4-6

God’s attempt to call Israel back through hardship 1Ki 17:1 See also Am 4:6-11

God’s rejection of Israel Hos 1:6 See also 2Ch 25:5-7; Hos 1:8-9

God’s punishment of Israel Am 5:26-27 See also Hos 10:5-8; Am 3:11-12

God’s intention to restore Israel Hos 1:10 See also Hos 2:23; Hos 14:4-8; Am 9:11-15

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