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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7227 flood, the
7227 flood, the

7227 flood, the

A universal catastrophe by means of which the world was overwhelmed by water as the judgment of God on sinful humanity. Only Noah, his family and the animals were saved.

Details of the flood

Its source See also Ge 7:4,11-12; Ge 8:2

Its extent Ge 7:17-20

Its duration Ge 7:24

Its effect See also Ge 7:21-23

The flood was God’s judgment on sinful humanity

Wickedness had become universal Ge 6:5,11-13

Judgment would be universal Ge 6:7,13,17; Ge 7:4

Judgment was universal Ge 7:21-22

Those not destroyed by the flood

Noah, who was blameless in the midst of wickedness Ge 6:8-9

Noah and his family kept safe in the ark Ge 7:23 See also Ge 6:14,18; Ge 7:1,7,13; Ge 8:15-16,18; 2Pe 2:5,9

God kept the animals safe in the ark Ge 6:19-21; Ge 7:2-3,8-9,14-16; Ge 8:1,17,19

God promised never to send another universal flood

God decided this in his heart Ge 8:21-22 See also Isa 54:9

God established his covenant with Noah Ge 9:8-11

The rainbow as the sign and reminder of God’s covenant Ge 9:12-17

The story of the flood used figuratively

Of the judgment to come Da 9:26; 2Pe 3:6-7

Of Jesus Christ’s second coming Mt 24:36-44 pp Lk 17:26-27

Of baptism 1Pe 3:20-21

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